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Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! We have our homie Venom with us today. He and Smokey are going back and forth about some girl that they are suppose to pick up..

We go and pick up the young lady. Guys, let me tell you that this girl is fine as hell. One of the hottest chicks I've seen in quite some time now..

Anyway, we're driving around, shooting the shit, buying watermelons, normal shit, you know?.

Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! We're on our way to pick up Butter (or ICBINB for those of you in the know) when this crazy fan comes out of nowhere and tells me how much he loves the site.

I convince them to come with us for a measly 100 bucks. They take the offer and, let me tell you guys, his girl is looking quite fine and desperate..

Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! We are driving through the hood and we come across this couple that seems to have some money issues..

Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! So we were driving through Springs and we saw this lonely soul at the bus stop..


Little did she know that there were no routes at that time. So I went ahead and talked her into letting us give her a ride and at the same time letting us interview her..

She's quite nice with us and doesn't seem intimidated by the bus, so - what the hell I ask her to come with us..

Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! This week me and the squad are out doing what we do when we come across this pretty, young thing, Widdow. I.

Oh, you guys are going to love this episode! After many hours searching the streets of Miami Beach, we finally hit gold with little Ms. Tiffany.

RIGHT!!!! Dude, it only took a hundred bucks to get her to show us some tits and snatch. A hundred more and it was business and usual..

What's up, ladies and gents. Preston here, back at it again! This week we took the same route but we added a different twist to our plot. We decided to offer food instead of money..

At lunch, she seemed to take quite an interest in our boy Rimmy so we put her to the test. And let me tell you guys, Nina definitely passed! This update was a good one, Stay tuned..

Hey guys, It's Preston, here to bring you this week's Bang Bus update! This week we were driving down to the shores and we saw this cute, little blonde, Payton Renee..

It looked weird from where we were so I decide to approach her and offer her a "ride" in the bang bus. Just then rain just came out of nowhere..

Hey there, everyone! Preston here, bringing you this week's Bang Bus update. We have two new additions to our crew today Tony and Smokey..

We spot this hot latina mami from a mile away with her thick thighs so we approach her and she has that cuban attitude but i love every second of it.

ey there ladies and gents, preston here bringing you this weeks bangbus update and this week i feel like giving back, so why not do " a favor for a friend" he hooks it up all the time at his grooming.

Hey there ladies and gents yet another that i bring you another Bangbus update and this time i must admit that we were very lucky in how fast we got in our game.We were just cruising and we see this f.

Man this girl is a total HOTTY so we decide to throw more money there way to see what else he is willing to let her do and as you guys know,.

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Hey there ladies and gents preston here bringing you this weeks bangbus update and we did something pretty exciting and drove out to the everglades and man there is nothing out there but gators and tr.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen Preston here bringing you this weeks bangbus update and to be quite honest it was a really good one although mother nature wasn't acting in our favor, yet we still manag.

and we see this girl from a far walking in the rain and you guys know that she was a target right away so we approach her she seemed pretty cool and she didn't flip us the bird so i knew we were on a.

The gang and i accompanied by puck aka commando were strolling in the mean streets of the grove and we end up in this jungle place.

Hey there ladies and gents, preston here bringing you the realness. so i was talking to the homie shaggy and i was thinking to myself why don't we get the beautiful Mia Lelani to come with us.

and have her pick out some dudes that she may want to have fun with so let the games begin, she picks out these 2 dudes that are more talk than anything else,Man what a waste of time ,.

lol she was more of a nerd than me lol, so yea i convince her to hop in with us by pretty much telling her that i would buy her some game she wanted,.

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From my boat I was able to see this sexy inexperienced surfer babe trying to ride some waves in the wrong spot. After a short talk, I convinced her to come on board so I could take her were good waves are. In the end the only thing this bitch raided was my big hard cock..

My roommate was working out, and I was spying on her with my camera. At one point, I was so horny that I decided to interrupt her training to show her how to exercise the whole body making the best physical activity of all, the good sex !.

Check out this natural busty babe riding a big hard cock in the garden of her house..

So I have this wicked hot neighbor and I've seen her through her window masturbating on occasion. This girl has no shame! And nor should she! Like I said, she's hot. So I figure out her "schedule" and head over to her window with my camera. Bull's eye! There she was, playing with herself. What happens next, though, is like something out of a movie!.


Mariah is the dirtiest bitch I ever dated, She ride and suck my cock like no other girl in the world. I'm pretty sure she is a nympho... That's why I like her so much..

Jesse's roommate is a very sexy tight brunette, and he has been spying on her for awhile with his camera but this time he is gonna get a taste of that beautiful ass..

I was checking out a new neighborhood I might move to when I noticed someone's door wide open. I thought something was up so I checked it out only to find a hot little redhead folding her laundry in her bra and panties. I filmed her until she caught me but she didn't mind... it was her idea to start fucking on camera!.

Was going get a carwash when I checked out this chick I always wanted to fuck washing her car. Her ass and titties were all hanging out so I started filming that shit. She finally saw me and came over. We went back to my place where I finally pounded that juicy pussy once and for all!.


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